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Custom built screen rooms

Enjoy the outdoor breeze and fragrant scents of your garden in your new screen room.  Screen rooms are an environmentally responsible way to provide protection from outside pests and the stings and bites that come with them.  Now you can enjoy uninterrupted outdoor activities with your friends and family.  Screen Rooms are custom designed and are structurally built to withstand gale-force winds of Florida.  Screen rooms can be built with a mono-sloped or gabled roof configuration, with or without a kneewall.  


The beauty of a Screen Room by NRG Industries of Tallahassee is that it provides homeowners with a living space ideal for enjoying the great outdoors when the weather allows it. On a bright sunny day you can enjoy maximum sun protection and full ventilation. Additionally, our screen rooms give you the flexibility you need if you’re looking to add a sunroom down the road. 

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