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replacement windows

Energy efficient replacement windows are the perfect balance of strength and style that come together to reward you day after day, year after year.


Vinyl windows are weather resistant and are 100% maintenance free.  Vinyl windows combine Low E glass which reduces ultraviolet infiltration and Argon gas which provides additional insulation against temperature change which will help to lower your utility bill. Experience increased safety, sound control, UV protection and energy efficiency with  double-paned glass. 


Choose from single hung or double hung windows where the sash tilts in and lifts out for easy cleaning of both sides of the window from inside your home.  Side sliders and picture windows also offer captivating and inviting spaces within your home.  

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Products Available Include:

Single Hung

Offering all the strength, beauty, and convenience you expect from Reynolds, this single hung window delivers simple quality at a competitive price.

  • Advanced 3/4" insulated glass Intercept Sealant System by PPG provides superior thermal efficiency.  

  • Double sash locks come standard with all windows 27 1/4" or wider.

  • Aluminum-reinforced lock rail and meeting rails add strength.

  • Sloped sill allows easy water run-off.

  • Bottom sash tilts in for easy cleaning.

  • Factory-installed half screen comes standard.

  • Reversed bevel exterior frame for brick mold appearance.

  • Custom sizes available and architectural shapes available.

Double Hung

All the classic beauty of traditional double hung windows.  As economical as they are beautiful.  

  • Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help eliminate air and water infiltration; they add extra strength, too.

  • Beveled main frame gives classic brick-mold appearance.

  • 7/8" Intercept insulated glass system provides superb thermal performance.

  • Virtually maintenance-free vinyl means no repainting or staining ever.

  • Classic beveled sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.

  • Sloped sill for easy water run-off.

  • Double sash locks come standard with all windows 27 1/4" or wider.

  • Factory-installed screen comes standard.

  • Custom sizes available.​


Ideal when a horizontal window is preferred.

  • Aluminum-reinforced lock rail and meeting rails add strength.

  • Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help prevent air and water infiltration.

  • Beveled main frame gives classic brick-mold appearance.

  • Available in either 2-Lite or 3-Lite model.

Fixed Window/ Picture Windows 

When maximum view is desired free from grids.

  • Picture windows have a sealed unit glazed directly into the window from.

  • Non-operational windows feature a low profile frame to maximize glass surface, allowing a beautifully clear, unobstructed view.

  • They can also be customized to match adjacent operational windows.

  • Fixed windows are also non-operational windows, designed to let in light and add expansive views.

  • The difference between Fixed and Picture windows lies in the frame size. Fixed windows have larger frames and are built to match the site lines of accompanying operating windows, for a beefier, more contemporary look.


Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E is the most effective, insulating solar control glass available. 

  • Double layer of silver coating dramatically limits the sun's penetrating heat during the summer by reflecting long-wave heat energy

  • During cold winter months, mintains your home's warm, comfortable indoor temperature by permitting short-wave heat energy to enter, while keeping cold temperature out.

Low-E Glass Filled with Argon Gas

Here's the key to maximum energy savings:  optional Argon gas between your Low-E glass panes.  Like an invisible blanket, this insulating gas will boost your window's thermal performance

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