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Eze-Breeze sliding panels are a favorite among homeowners in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. The vinyl glass panels slide to allow up to 75% ventilation in your 3 Seasons sunroom. 


When the weather co-operates, you'll have an open screened-porch feel with a full screen behind each window panel.  When things turn damp or chilly, these unique vinyl-glazed panels provide excellent protection when closed.  They are weather resistant, featuring durable aluminum frames and shatterproof vinyl panels.  The flexible material is transparent and returns to it's original shape if hit or distorted. 


If you can't decide between a screen room and a sunroom, the Eze-Breeze option by NRG Industries is for you!

Turn that underutilized porch or patio into your favorite space

Our patio enclosures allow cool breezes in and make outdoor spaces more inviting. They keep moisture, dirt and pollen off your nicest patio furniture. Patio enclosures eliminate the need for furniture covers in the summer and the need for storage in the winter.  Simply close the panels and continue to enjoy your newfound living space. If plants are your thing, vinyl glass sunrooms by NRG Industries can also turn that underutilized room into a usable greenhouse. Simply lower the transparent panels. Light will still enter and temperatures will be kept at more plant-friendly levels.



Our sunrooms let plants and people thrive. They can also do wonders for resale values. A sunroom gives your home an additional room that can become anything whether that be a private retreat, a rec room, a greenhouse, or an exercise room! But whatever it becomes, NRG Industries patio rooms are sure to boost the curb appeal of your home.


NRG Industries of Tallahassee brings an end to those hours spent putting up plastic and taking it down just three months later.  Instead, NRG sunrooms lets you use that time to relax on your dust-free lounge chair in your comfortable, clean, and dry sunroom.

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