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Sunroom Roof Options

What is the difference in a gabled roof, flat roof/ mono-sloped roof, and shed roof? 
From an aesthetic design perspective, it’s important to make sure the roof style is a fit with the roofline or rooflines of your existing home. You want your new porch or sunroom to look like it is original to your home. Does your home have a gable roof? A Shed roof? Does it have a couple different roof lines? We want to make sure the new roof shape fits your home by complementing what exists. It’s important to note that you do not need to match the roof shapes with your existing roof lines, but you do want to make sure they complement each other.

Gable Roof
This roof option is one of the most highly sought roof shapes. It is the shape that essentially makes a triangle. It has a high point in the middle and slopes down in 2 directions from that high point. There are a couple reasons this style is popular. First, it creates a vaulted ceiling on the inside. Secondly, the elevated ceiling lets a good deal of sun into the room. Third, the gable end or ends can be transparent using glass, vinyl glass, or screening to further increase the visibility out into the yard.

Flat/Mono-Sloped Roof

The first question we always receive about a flat/mono-sloped roof is whether it will hold water. The good news is that flat roofs are not completely flat for that reason. Any good builder will build a slight angle and proper drainage into the space to ensure no resting water. If this room addition is in an area subjected to falling leaves and other debris, those can certainly accumulate on the roof.  A flat roof tends to be less expensive than a gabled roof.



This roof style essentially makes a half triangle. It is connected to the house and slopes downward in one direction from there. It is a great option if your second story limits connecting a higher roof or if a more elevated roof style would block the view from the second story. From a light perspective, this roof style does not generally allow in as much light as a gable roof but that depends on the orientation of your backyard to the room, the height of the roof connection, the number of trees in your yard and other factors. Like the gable roof, a shed roof can be open on the ends with either glass or screening depending on the room type. This ensures that more light enters the room.


roof 2.jpg

Sunroom Window Options

what is the difference between a vinyl glass sunroom and a glass sunroom?

A VINYL GLass Sunroom also known as a 3 Season or PGT Eze Breeze sunroom, functions similarly to a screen room but with the added option of closing off the space to outdoor elements.  Full screens are placed behind each window panel and allow for 75% ventilation into the room when open in the vertical 4 track panel and 50% in a horizontal slider.  When the vinyl window panels are closed, the room is protected from rain, pollen, dirt, and debris.  These outside elements are typically what frustrates homeowners who have existing screen rooms since they tend to be dirty and in need of regular cleaning.  Vinyl glass sunrooms tend to be relatively less expensive than glass sunrooms and carry a 10-year manufacturer warranty.  Vinyl glass or PGT Eze Breeze window panels are easy to keep clean with regular household products like Dawn dishwashing liquid, Woolite, or Murphy’s Oil soap mixed with water.  Lowes and Home Depot also carry a product called ZEP which is fantastic for keeping vinyl windows clean.  There are two types of vinyl window configurations the side slider and the vertical 4 track both come in custom sizes. 

A glass sunroom is more of a room addition which can be cooled and heated year-round to give it a 4 Seasons appeal.  Custom energy efficient windows with Low E and Argon gas are installed above an insulated knee wall or a glass knee wall area.  Choose from beautiful fixed lite windows and doors, horizontal sliders, or double or single hung windows to customize your space.  Existing duct work is typically brought into the new sunroom space from the main home if the existing a/c unit can support the additional square footage.  If the existing unit cannot support the additional sunroom area, then a separate unit or split mini unit can be installed by a local licensed a/c company.  Glass sunroom windows typically carry a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer and are easy to keep clean with regular household window cleaner. 

Vinyl Glass Sunroom

Floor to beam Vertical 4 Tracks  

vinyl glass sunroom.jpg

Glass Sunroom

Front fixed glass/Horizontal Side Sliders 


Sunroom door Options

What are the sunroom door options available?  The PGT Cabana Door is the ideal companion to our verticals, our horizontals, and all of our PGT Eze-Breeze products. Vertical 4-track Cabana door panels offer 75% ventilation. In other words, three of the lightweight, vinyl-glazed panels can be easily raised or lowered over the fourth to create an outdoors feel. Or remove and store the panels – leaving the screens in place – for 100% airflow.  Vents are available in a variety of colors including clear, smoke gray, bronze, and dark gray to suit your preference. Full View Cabana door offers an unobstructed view from inside or outside your sunroom. 

Vertical 4 Track

Cabana Door    


Full View

Cabana Door

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