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William Strickland, Owner/ President 

I began my journey into business as a sales person October of 1977 selling maintenance free siding systems.  I worked in sales and ultimately, sales management for 5 years.  I moved to Tallahassee and opened NRG Industries, Inc in April of 1983.  I began my business with some key beliefs. I wanted to offer products and services that reflected the highest quality for the best value.  I wanted to surround myself with the best people I could find that were from the community and that held the same core principles as I did.  I hired and trained all of my employees personally. Looking back, I was very fortunate to have surrounded myself with the right people who were much smarter than me at carrying out the details of running a successful business.


Over the last three decades we have developed four core services. The first is our exterior siding offering that includes the very best products in the industry, we are in the top 200 companies in the country in this field.  Second, is the screen and glass sunroom business which allows homeowners to enjoy additional outdoor living space.  Third, is our replacement window and door business giving customers energy efficient and durable products to choose from.  NRG is currently listed in the national remodeling magazine as being in the top 500 remodeling companies in the country.  I am very proud of our efforts.


While expanding all three core products we have added kitchen and bath remodeling work, along with general building (including additions and garages), and all types of specialty construction.  The past 10 years have been incredible for the sunroom business.   Lifestyles today have changed and people want to stay home, vacation, and entertain at home. The “staycation business” has exploded into some of the most exciting and innovative products to meet the demands of the ever-growing sunroom world.


NRG is now positioned to expand the company’s capabilities. We have moved to our new location that has over 1500 sq ft of showroom and 5000 sq ft of warehouse. My son, Razzie has begun his career with the company and will lead our company for the next 30 years. NRG is poised to grow and to stay the leader in products and services for our clients.

In looking back to my beginning in business I can honestly say that we have achieved many of our goals, offering the very best of service and products, along with having the best employees.

Razzie Strickland, Production Manager

My name is Razzie Strickland and I have been working for NRG on and off virtually all of my life. I was born and raised right here in Tallahassee. During the summer months while growing up, I would throw in with our work crews to help with whatever I could. After high school I began working full time in our plumbing division while attending TCC. After receiving my AA, I decided to go into the nursing profession. For about 2 years I worked towards completing the program and finally graduated the TCC Nursing Program. I sat for the state board certification and had lined up a job at the hospital. However, before I started down that career path, I began to give some serious consideration to the opportunities and options available to me at the time. I had always felt that if I did not give this business a fair shot, I would always regret it. I approached my father about whether he would be willing to take on training me. After a lengthy discussion, we both agreed that there was great opportunity in the marketplace and we were excited to begin. This business has always been great to our family and I am committed to continuing the great legacy my father has built. We have now been working together for nearly 4 years. Last year was the best year that NRG has had in its 30+ year career, and I am looking forward to continuing that trend for many years to come.

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