Vinyl Replacement Windows

Each Reynolds window is:

  • carefully crafted from pure, virgin vinyl;
  • precision-engineered to strict specifications;
  • fusion-welded for unsurpassed structural strength; and
  • subjected to a grueling series of quality-control tests.

These windows and doors install smoothly, fit perfectly, work beautifully, and last practically forever. With their crisp good looks, they are compatible with virtually any home style.

Reynolds windows have a unique Intercept® Sealant System, that provides maximum thermal efficiency — the most sought after feature in windows.
Cozy warmth in winter. Cool refreshment in summer. Lower energy bills all year-round. Reynolds. It’s the name America feels comfortable with.

Products Available Include:

Single Hung

Offering all the strength, beauty, and convenience you expect from Reynolds, this single hung window delivers simple quality at a competitive price.
• Advanced ¾” insulated glass Intercept® Sealant System by PPG provides superior thermal efficiency.
• Double sash locks come standard with all windows 27 ¼” or wider.
• Aluminum-reinforced lock rail and meeting rails add strength.
• Sloped sill allows easy water run-off.
• Bottom sash tilts in for easy cleaning.
• Factory-installed half screen comes standard.
• Reversed bevel exterior frame for brick mold appearance.
•  Custom sizes available and architectural shapes available.

Double Hung

All the classic beauty of traditional double hung windows. As economical as they are beautiful.
• Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help eliminate air
and water infiltration; they add extra strength, too.
• Beveled main frame gives classic brick-mold appearance.
• 7/8″ Intercept®  insulated glass system provides superb
thermal performance.
• Virtually maintenance-free vinyl means no repainting
or staining ever.
• Classic beveled sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.
• Sloped sill for easy water run-off.
• Double sash locks come standard with all windows 27 ¼”
or wider.
• Factory-installed screen comes standard.
• Custom sizes available.

Awning Windows

The perfect choice for specialized applications.
• Fine-tuned, proven design ensures weather-tight performance.
• Fusion-welded frame and sash further reduce air and water infiltration.
• Attractive beveled sash adds style.
• Full-perimeter double weather stripping surrounds ¾” insulated glass – to provide maximum energy efficiency.
• Interior-mounted full screen and double locks come standard.

Casement Windows

For a smooth, clean look that is quite functional.
• Designed and engineered to help prevent air and water infiltration.
• Fusion-welded frame and sash ensure weather-tight performance.
• Full-perimeter double weather stripping.
• Narrow profile permits expanded viewing area.
• Concealed hinges and hardware let you open window 90 degrees, for better ventilation and easier cleaning.
• Beveled sash adds a handsome brick-mold appearance.
• Full screens come standard; mount on interior, remove for easy cleaning.
• Tandem locks come standard on all casements over 34″ in height.


Ideal when a horizontal window is preferred.
• Aluminum-reinforced lock rail and meeting rails add strength.
• Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help prevent air and water infiltration.
• Beveled main frame gives classic brick-mold appearance.
• Available in either 2-Lite or 3-Lite model.

Specialty Shapes

From octagons and trapezoids to full circles, half rounds, eyebrows, and more – we’ll build windows to fit your needs and specifications.
• Standard sizes are available, with a full range of architectural options.
• Factory mulling is available too, for worry-free installation.
• Available colors:White, Almond (white only, Pro 100).

Reynolds Sliding Patio Door

• All-welded frame and panel pre-assembled for easy installation.
• 7/8″ Insulated Intercept® Sealant System with tempered glass for reduced condensation and energy efficiency.
• Reversible panel design allows for moving panel to be located on left or right side.
• Sliding panel and meeting rail reinforced with roll-formed steel to ensure rigidity and strength.
• Screen comes standard.
• Also available with Side Lites, Transoms and Specialty Shapes.
• White enamel exterior handle and oak interior handle.
• Low-E optional.
• 1″ contoured grid optional.

Special Glass adds to the comfort of Patio Doors

Low-E Coated Glass. Low-E is the most effective, insulating solar control glass available. Its special, double layer of silver coating dramatically limits the sun’s penetrating heat during the summer by reflecting long-wave heat energy. During cold winter months Low-E maintains your home’s warm, comfortable indoor temperature by permitting short-wave heat energy to enter, while keeping cold temperature out.

Low-E Glass Filled With Argon Gas. Here’s the key to maximum energy savings: optional Argon gas between your Low-E glass panes. Like an invisible blanket, this insulating gas will boost your window’s thermal performance.

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