Insulated Siding and Premium Vinyl Siding Products

Functionally, vinyl siding material protects your home’s structure from the elements, mainly rain and wind driven moisture. We offer a wide selection of exterior cladding products.

Vinyl SidingGenerations Energy-Efficient Exteriors include high performing exterior cladding products designed to look great, provide value, and protect your home for a lifetime.

The centerpiece of this exterior siding system is Generations Thermal Core Siding, a line of thick, premium foam-backed insulated siding.

Because its exterior is solid vinyl, it will never crack, blister, flake or peel, so you never have to scrape, sand or paint ever again. This means more time to spend with loved ones.

Because its core is thick polystyrene foam, it will provide a lifetime of benefits far beyond normal exterior cladding. Generations Thermal Core Siding features ColorHold®, an innovative acrylic capstock that gives the exterior vinyl panel superior fade resistance. And, it’s solidly backed by a Limited Double Lifetime Warranty* with Lifetime Fade Protection.

Vinyl SidingA precisely contoured insulating underlayment provides an insulating R-value of 5.0, while providing the rigidity and straight course lines you expect from a wood product. The surface texture has the genuine and subtle feel of finely milled lumber.

Generation’s high-performance insulation is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel, providing exceptional strength and durability to withstand Mother Nature while safeguarding against energy loss.

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